CA and JACT Merge

As of the 4th October 2014, JACT and the Classical Association reached an agreement whereby our two organisations merged effective from the 2nd January 2015. Most JACT activities are now carried out under the auspices of the CA, as is the publication of our journals. However the four JACT Summer Schools continue to run independent of CA, working together as the JACT Summer Schools Trust (JSST). JSST is now maintaining this website as the successor of JACT; CA is a generous sponsor and supporter of the summer schools, but is not involved in their operations.

In practical terms this means all JACT members  are now invited to join the CA to continue to receive the benefits of JACT Membership. The subscription rate is considerably cheaper and members will receive Omnibus as well as electronic access to the Journal of Classics Teaching. A membership form for the CA is available here: CA Membership Form

If you pay by Direct Debit, you will still need to fill in a new Direct Debit form with the CA.We are legally unable to pass on personal or financial information to the CA. Equally, all Direct Debit mandates with JACT are not transferable. You don’t need to cancel the previous Direct Debit as no further payments will be taken but you will NOT automatically become a member of the CA and need to fill the above form. 

For subscribers to Omnibus, we would also invite you to join the CA to continue to enjoy the magazine. Alternatively copies will be available for purchase from next year on the CA’s website

Any inquiries can be made through the contact section of the CA’s website.